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Good Monday!


Good Monday from the Tiny Headed Kingdom!


When life gives Pip honey, she makes honey. And when life gives Pip lemons, she makes honey lemonade.


Maybe this is not the perfect summer, but that’s not keeping the Tiny Headed pals from setting their sights on fun. It’s good to have goals, it’s important to set the bar, even if in today’s world — the bar needs to be a little lower.


Heep’s goal is to rest a little more this week. Nickleby plans on not letting any of the food in the fridge go bad. And Bagstock aims to surprise each of the pals with an unexpected sprinkler attack.


Below you’ll find some other folks reaching for the stars, but settling for a soft blanket, a quiet rooftop, and a lovely view.


— The Barcelona Opera just reopened! But because of Covid concerns, they performed for a house full of plants, not people.


— Horse racing is still on hold. But just imagine a horse race without the horses. Well, some fans have done that for you,  and it’s really a chuckle.  (We’re not quite sure how the betting will work).


— And finally, speaking of imagination, what’s a fun way to watch sports and maintain social distance? Drive-in baseball! Just be careful with your tailgating and maybe bring your own hotdogs.


It’s summertime! Have fun, stay safe — and at the very least, make some fresh honey lemonade.


Your pals at THK

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