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Good Monday!


Good Monday Tiny Headed Kingdom pals and welcome to another week of whatever month it is! 


We hope everyone had a chance to unwind this past weekend. While the tiny headed crew stayed inside and watched replays of the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest to strategize for Twist's entry into next year's competition, the THK Good Monday Team was sort-of-hard-at-work pulling together a couple of snacks to start the week.


So feel free to dig in below and take a nibble in between meals. 


First on deck: maybe this is the energy we need to think about bringing to every Monday. To be sure, this guy brought it every day and we miss him in this world!


If that's not your jam or your jelly, maybe you want to make it a family affair like this grandmother-grandson duo from India making dancing magic on the TikTok waves.


We know life can't always be a bed of burgers. Maybe you don't feel ready to boogie. Maybe you're a bit down or glum. Maybe your dancing shoes take Mondays off. That's okay. Just remember we've all got happy feet inside of us. Sometimes when we don't think we are dancing, we bust out our best moves:


So the moral of this week's Good Monday: go at your own pace. If you are still unsure about the right speed to start grooving to, let this scientific research guide your approach. 


Go get 'em, tiger.


Your pals at THK

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