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Good Monday!

Good Monday to all!

It’s hard to believe it’s almost July. This year has both flown by and dragged on at the same time. It is like crazy animal time — not to mention crazy Tiny Headed animal time.

Like February had an extra day, and March seemed to have 2 extra weeks, and April felt like it lasted 4 months. And now summer is almost half over! 

Or is it?

Let's try not to think about how quickly time passes and concentrate on some fun animal stories from around the world.

— Naturally, the Tiny Headed pals love tiny hats. So what could be more fun than tiny hats created just for cats.

— Well, maybe just as fun as tiny hats — how about a tiny girl in a tiny hat singing to her favorite horse who has a big head and no hat.

— And finally, moving away from the hat theme, check out this ninja warrior course created just for squirrels.

When you consider crazy animal time, squirrels age 5 years to every 1 human year — that means a 10 minute obstacle course feels like almost an hour!

So please enjoy the week. The summer will indeed fly by. But enjoy it at a safe social distance.

Your pals at THK

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