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Good Monday!


Good Monday!
Did you know that Monday is the only day of the week that is an anagram for the word “dynamo”?
People don’t often consider Monday to be a dynamite day, but it’s all about perception. Hopefully these stories from around the Internet and the world will get your week off to a dynamic start.
(Ok, now we are going to stop anagram riff).
Thee cheers for 6-year-old Bridger, a real life superhero who saved his baby sister from a vicious dog attack.
But hey, not all dogs are vicious, in fact not even most of them. Check out this adorable dog tucking in his human at night.
And finally, here’s a touching story about the power of giving and how we all — human, dog or tiny headed pal — need to care for one another.
Until next Monday, be safe, be kind, be you,
—Your pals at the THK
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