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Good Monday!

Good Monday and welcome to summer!
This past weekend - June 21- marked the official first day of summer. The pals of the Tiny Headed Kingdom love to celebrate summer and all the activities involved like swimming, picnics, barbecues, picnics, late afternoon naps, and who could forget picnics! While The Kingdom prepares to dive into summer tiny head first, we thought we'd share a couple of stories with you Good Monday style...

Even though the weather is nice around the world, and people are out and about, Pip and pals want to remind people that there are still rules to follow. For example, here’s a helpful reminder from Wisconsin State Parks to stay feet apart.

In other news, during the pandemic this 73-yr old dad was hospitalized after a bad car accident. When it was time to go to rehab, the hospital arranged for his son - a paramedic in another city — to be the one to transport him.

This typical traffic stop turned into something a little more special for one couple Texas.

And finally, three cheers for this bomb-sniffing TSA dog who had a literal ball during his retirement party. We salute you, Sergeant Ttirado!

Enjoy the summer sun this week. Stay safe. Have many picnics.

Your pals at THK
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