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Good Monday!


Good Monday!

How about a little fun for a change?!!

Yes, we get that the pals of The Kingdom are always looking for fun, but this week we thought it was a particularly good idea to share a few silly stories.

Given all that’s been going on in the world, Pip and the gang felt we could all use a chuckle, or a giggle or, at the very least, grin.

So check out this Philadelphia dance studio offering father-daughter ballet dancing. Nothing like watching a dad pirouette. Or this inspirational little skateboarder who won’t let a flight of steps stop him.

Give a look at these 9-year-olds — best pals since kindergarten — reuniting for the first time in three months. Are there more of those hugs to go around?  Or this mom reacting to her daughter’s law school acceptance letter. Now that is what pure joy looks like.

And finally, Pip and pals had a good chortle watching this video of a roommate completely turning her friend’s room upside down?!?

If you can, try to find something to laugh about this week. It might make you feel better. And if you do, tag us on Twitter or Instagram so we can share it with The Kingdom!

Stay safe and love one another,

Your pals at THK

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