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Good Monday!


Good Monday from our tiny corner of this big, beautiful world.
The Tiny Headed Kingdom pals are thinking about superheroes this week.  Why? 
Because some weeks, days, hours, you just kind of feel like you could really use a hero. In fact, the pals sort of wish they each could be one.
Pip says she wants the power to tele-hug. Which is kind of like teleporting, she thinks.
Heep wishes he could sleep while waking. It seems impossible, except that maybe he already knows how to do it.
Nickleby wants the ability to pick the fastest line at the grocery store.
But while superpowers are supercool, the pals came to the conclusion that a person doesn’t need special gifts to be a true hero.  
These Good Monday stories prove heroes and heroines come in all shapes, sizes, ages — and abilities. 
First, a standing ovation for Eli Harrison, a real life superhero who bravely jumped off a pier to the rescue!!
Next, Paris Williams, this 6-year-old is already changing the world right from her own backyard.
And finally, these pilots spend their days flying animals across the East Coast to save their lives.
That’s our news for Monday. Maybe this week, you can try to be a hero to someone in your corner of the world.
— Your Pals at THK


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