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Good Monday!


Good Monday to all — to those big and those small. Summer is almost over and we’re heading towards fall!
Don’t you just love the little things in life? Like coming up with a rhyme for no reason at all.
Your pals in the Tiny Headed Kingdom are grateful for the little things this week.
— Pip loves to stop and smell the flowers, but sniffing all 27 heads of this amazing sunflower might take all morning.
— Bagstock loves to dance, so he appreciates this guy who doesn’t need a dance club to have a good time.
— Finally, Heep wants a round of applause for this 15-year-old tech wiz who’s helping less fortunate students get online. Heep is too lazy to fix computers, but he’s not too lazy to clap.
And neither are we. Here’s a big round of applause from the Tiny Headed Kingdom, for the little things — like taking time to rhyme.
See you next Monday.
— Your pals at THK



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