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Good Monday!


Good Monday to all — big and tiny headed alike!
Did you know there are 52 Mondays in the year 2020? That means there are still 21 Good Mondays left — 21 different entertaining, concise, hyperlinked email celebrations coming your way.
Here are some stories from this week that made us SMILE, CHEER, DANCE and want to learn how to KNIT.
SMILE— There’s nothing the THK pals love to see more than an old toy finding a new home.
CHEER — Did you hear about the employee at Red Lobster?  At the last minute, he saved Clawdia the crustacean, a rare blue lobster the was about to served up.
DANCE — How about this little fella jamming with the band? Kind of makes you want to shake your tailfeather, right?
And finally, as to learning how to KNIT— check out handy 7-year-old Sophie Raho putting her skills to use.
This brings another Good Monday to a close — 20 more left to go. Have an amazing week and be good to all you meet.

— Your pals at THK

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