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Good Monday!


Good Monday!

The month of August often is referred to as the tiny headed “dog days of summer.”  This term, however, has nothing to do with canines. 

The expression refers to the star Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, which in ancient Roman times rose every sunrise during August.
But let’s not get too sirius! (How about that for a pun?). After all, this is our Good Monday collection of links, winks, grins, giggles and guffaws. (And now the use of “guffaws,” a word that does not get a lot of play these days).

We want to celebrate some regular headed animals who are busy making the world a little more fun. 

This doggie is more effective than any smart phone or hotel receptionist at giving wake up calls.

This feline took her first taste of ice cream and got her first taste of brain freeze. We’re betting, just like humans, she went back for more right away.


And finally, check out this raccoon. When you’re caught in the act, play it cool and make like a tree.


That brings another Good Monday to a close. Stay safe and stay cool — we are heading into the tiny headed dog days.

— Your pals at THK.

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