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Good Monday!


Greetings from the Tiny Headed Kingdom.


In many parts of the world, the weather has turned ridiculously hot. Humid hot. Dry hot. Blistering hot. Scorching hot. The kinds of days that require three changes of underwear and just as many cold showers.


But fear not! Good Monday is here to bring a little bit of cool. Unfortunately, not temperature cool. Metaphorical cool — links and stories of cool people doing cool things.


Like this husband and wife who own a laundromat in Taiwan. Chang Wan-ji and Hsu Sho-er started modeling the abandoned clothes left behind at their laundromat. They even started a fun Instagram account to show off their secondhand clothes and best model poses.


Or this party gamer, not typically a cool thing to brag about, but then Tai Star Valianti of Arizona did turn himself into a Jenga rock star. He recently broke the world record for most Jenga blocks stacked on ONE vertical Jenga block.


And finally, we all know that riding motorcycles is pretty darn cool, but what happens when a person gets too old to ride their favorite hog? (Hog here is slang for motorcycle. No one is actually riding a hog, that would be silly and against most traffic laws). But this 93-year-old WW II veteran bought a mobility scooter that looks just like his favorite Harley.


There you have it. That’s all our Good Monday news for this week. Stay cool and, if you have air conditioning — maybe stay indoors.


Your pals at THK

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