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Good Monday!


Good Monday to all in the Tiny Headed Kingdom! 

A wise person once said, “All good things must come to an end.”  We are not sure exactly who the wise person was — some say Albert Einstein, others say Yogi Berra, and a few are putting their money on Oprah.

But from your favorite television series to an extra large tub of Heath Bar Crunch ice cream — all things, good or bad, do in fact come to a natural conclusion. 

So it is that Good Monday must also come to an end. But the THK pals are thankful for having had the opportunity to share so many amazing stories, funny videos, and feel good moments with you over the last few months. 

For our final installment, here are a few more touching tales of good people, tiny headed or not, making the world a little bit brighter. 
Take this kind neighbor who turned his driveway into a daily NASCAR race for a 3-year-old bicyclist. 

Clap along with this talented gospel singer who turned her constant snacking into a song that’s just as addictive as a bag of sour cream & onion potato chips.

And finally, warm wedding wishes to this happy couple. They spent their wedding day feeding the homeless in Cleveland.

And just because Good Monday is coming to close, that doesn’t mean the pals at THK want you to stop spreading goodwill in your tiny corner. 

Maybe every Monday, each of us can find a new way to make someone grin or giggle or just feel a little bit better — be it your friends, your family, or even your own darn self.

So fly your own flag, sing your own song, paint your own picture — and be kind, be kind, be kind. 

— Your Pals at THK 

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