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Good Monday!


Good Monday from the Tiny Headed Kingdom! What’s so good about a Monday? It’s all how you look at it.

Dorrit loves Monday because of all the possibility that lies in the week ahead. Twist doesn’t care much for weeks  he’s a day by day kind of Tiger. To him, Monday is just another great day.

But whether you dream about future, revel in the present, or maybe even feel a bit blue — Monday is a new beginning. And beginnings, like the sunrise, are full of light. So here are some fun stories from around the globe to brighten your new week, day, or hour. 

Pip and Bagstock are planning on visiting the home of Cynda Fleming in Toronto, Canada. Ms. Fleming has designated the sidewalk in front of her house the “jurisdiction of silly walks”. She is encouraging people to do their funniest jaunt past her front door. Bagstock may chicken dance on by. 

— Boz wonders how many amateur bakers will emerge from self-isolation. Judging from the number of froggy bread (baked goods that resemble giant amphibians)on Noa Climor's Instagram timeline, the next season of the Great British Bake Off won’t need to look far for contestants. 

The entire Tiny Headed Kingdom congratulates Bandit the ferret for completing a marathon for charity. Yes, a marathon, all 26.2 miles. Little Bandit’s run alongside his owners managed to raise roughly $2,700. Nice! And not easy. Heep got tired just reading the article. 

Until next Monday! Stay safe, healthy, and practice your jaunt,

Your Pals at THK

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