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Good Monday!


Good Monday from the Tiny Headed Kingdom! 

It is so great to wake up Monday morning and realize it’s a holiday. Even if you forgot to turn off your alarm. Now you can just roll over and go right back to sleep. 
True, that's not always so easy  falling back to sleep — but it's a skill you can develop. Certainly, Heep has. Maybe just imagine all the fun celebrating that's to come — backyard cookouts, games in the pool, visits with family and friends.
So Happy Memorial Day! Here’s some Good News from around the world that’s sure to tickle your ribs, whether they be smoked or grilled, barbequed or blackened.
  • All of the pals had a good chuckle reading about Tara Blaesing, a mother of five, who was desperate to get her kids out of the house for a change. Tara read about an upcoming car parade posted on Facebook, and the family set off on the most unexpected minivan adventure 
  • Dorrit doesn’t like to see anything go to waste. But after watching this story, she understood why the good people at Caribou Coffee decided to throw away millions of unused coffee cup sleeves. 
  • Nickleby has always loved eating noodles, especially long noodles you get to slurp. But pool noodles are another matter . . . .This German cafe, not typically known for its Italian cuisine, found a new use for noodles on its menuAnd in Maryland, a bar and grill was similarly inspired by the usefulness of pool toys and opted for inner-tube tables on the patio. Who knew floatation devices made such handy tools for social distancing? Nickleby was thinking he might as well just start eating in pools.
Until next Monday! Have a safe and happy holiday — and celebrate in your own unique style.

Your Pals at THK  
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