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Good Monday!


Good Monday from the Tiny Headed Kingdom!

Given all the heavy news these days, with sad happenings that can really crowd tiny heads, it seems everyone could use a little light.
Pip thinks it is important to remind folks that Tiny Heads have Big Hearts — and that there are so many people out there with big hearts too. So every week, the pals are sharing three pieces of good news taking place somewhere around the world.

They’re calling it Good Monday. (Twist picked the name — what do you think?)

- Dorrit was particularly excited about Brody, a dog from Tampa Bay becoming the chief meteorologist for FOX 13. OK, maybe that's not exactly the truth. Brody just interrupted his owner, Paul Dellegatto, the actual chief meteorologist for FOX 13 in Tampa Bay, while he was doing the weather live from his home. Everyone knows dogs make better meteorologists than people. Wag twice if a storm is coming, Brody!

- Nickelby loves when parents and grandparents go out of their way for kids. He was over the moon when he read about Kevin Procopio delivering doughnuts to his grandkids using a drone. The grandpa of three boys dropped off a box of Munchkins to his grandsons, all munchkins themselves, under the age of 5. Thankfully, the boys didn’t order coffees too — it’ hard to deliver with a drone. 

- Bagstock is making a bucket list of all the places he wants to visit when the quarantine is lifted. His first stop is a pop-up restaurant in Sweden that only serves one person at a time. Located not far from Stockholm, the restaurant is a single table and chair situated in a lush meadow. Bagstock might have trouble ordering since he usually chooses his entree based on what the people around him are eating.

Until next week! Stay safe and healthy.

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