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Good Monday!


Hello, June!

For you in the Northern Hemisphere — did you know that June is the month in the year with the most daylight hours?

Well, what are you doing inside reading this? It’s warm — it’s sunny — get outside and have some fun!

Here’s a collection of fun, funky, and creative ideas for outdoor activity (except the gag that involves a laundry machine — that was just too funny to cut!).

— The Tiny Headed pals spent the afternoon attempting to recreate this as impressive contraption. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough basketballs — or patience.

— After flaming out spectacularly, Twist and Dorrit tried to recreate this incredible home run that defies the laws of . . . well, everything! Dorrit used her trunk and somehow ended up with a very sore bottom.

— Pip was doing laundry for a better part of Sunday. The task took twice as long since she spent half the time trying to play the A-Ha hit “Take On Me” like these musical geniuses.

— And hey, does anyone know where to buy tickets for this fantastic backyard rollercoaster built by a grandpa in Washington, D.C.? Everyone is so tired from the weekend; they would rather pay for a ride than build it.

Try to get outside this week — it’s June!  And stay safe!

See you next Monday,

Your pals at THK

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