Tiny heads. Big hearts.

Nobody knows for certain where the Tiny Headed Kingdom lies. Is it far beyond the seas? Just over the mountains? Maybe right under our noses?

But one day, without explanation and as if by magic, the strangest animals began to appear, like balloons or lollipops or birthday cakes or other fun things that are mostly round.

The animals had tiny heads and great big hearts. And as everyone soon discovered – all they wanted to do was hug.


Born on July 7th

Nickleby is very loud. His tiny head pays no attention to words like shush.

One day, Nickleby roared, “Salami and cheese!” so loudly, he broke every window in the restaurant where he was eating. Then he roared, “Please!” Still, nobody brought him a sandwich.

Nickleby stands 18 inches tall.



Born on September 30th

Pip is very generous. Her tiny head can’t be bothered by words like mine.

One day, Pip climbed a telephone pole because she thought it was a honey tree. She was planning to give the honey to her friends. Instead, she gave them bear hugs.

Pip stands 18 inches tall.



Born on July 16th

Twist is very silly. His tiny head is not concerned with words like serious.

One day, Twist painted sprinkles on a car tire and pretended it was a doughnut. Everyone knew it was a tire because it was so big and because it tasted like rubber.

Twist stands 18 inches tall.


Where to Buy

Tiny Headed Kingdom plush can be found in Go! Stores nationwide, as well as on Calendars.com, which ships within the US.

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