"Breaking News" Fan Art Puzzle – Tiny Headed Kingdom

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Product image 1"Breaking News" Fan Art Puzzle
Product image 2"Breaking News" Fan Art Puzzle
Product image 3"Breaking News" Fan Art Puzzle
Product image 4"Breaking News" Fan Art Puzzle
Product image 5"Breaking News" Fan Art Puzzle

"Breaking News" Fan Art Puzzle

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Fan Made & THK Approved!

We love fan art, and we love puzzles. So we thought, why not make a puzzle of fan art we love?! THK is proud to present "Breaking News!" by fantabulous THK fan Brenda Hernandez Sanchez.

This 500-piece puzzle will make even the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man jealous. These pieces are crafted with the highest of quality and the puzzle measures 22" x 22" once put together.

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Made with Love

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